How to Sell on Amazon Using FBA and Why FBA Is So Powerful

In case you’re simply beginning as an Amazon merchant, the main thing you’re most likely pondering is precisely how to offer on Amazon. What are the distinctive strategies? What’s the procedure? What’s more, how would you know which way is ideal?

There’s such a great amount of data out there that it can be hard for Amazon fledglings to make sense of how to begin. So today, I need to share our favored path for offering things on Amazon: private mark joined with Amazon FBA. While there are different strategies out there, we trust this is the absolute best approach to offer on Amazon.

What is Amazon private label?

I’ve talked in depth about how to find a product to sell on Amazon, but the basic idea behind Amazon private label is that you find your own product and sell it under your brand name, rather than selling a brand that already exists in the marketplace.

What is Amazon FBA?

In a nutshell, FBA means “fulfilled by Amazon.” Here’s what that looks like for you as a seller and the benefits of selling on Amazon with FBA:

1) Send your product to Amazon warehouse.

This spares you so much time and cash since you don’t have to stress over discovering storage room for your products– they’ll be sitting in Amazon’s distribution centers. You just send your items to Amazon, and they redistribute them to every one of their distribution centers all through the nation, prepared for Amazon Prime transportation.

2) Amazon fulfills the orders.

Amazon handles the fulfillment of orders on your products, from packing and shipping to reporting and inventory management. They take care of everything to make sure that from the time the order comes through, it gets shipped out quickly and goes to the right place.

3) Amazon handles customer service, including returns.

When a customer has an issue with an order, they’ll connect with Amazon. Again, this saves you valuable time so you can handle other aspects of your business.

4) Preferred status and more visibility.

Amazon gives your FBA postings favored status: your items will be Amazon Prime qualified, and they’ll likewise be recorded as “satisfied by Amazon.” Since clients can sort their quests to see just things that are prime qualified, this expands visibility on your items.

5) Get paid from Amazon.

Like clockwork, Amazon circulates the net total of your business short the satisfaction and showcasing charges to you.

Since the whole procedure is taken care of by Amazon, you have the capability of scaling your business substantial without having an extensive staff. It’s conceivable to scale to a $1 million+ business with only a few people by offering through Amazon FBA.

There are different approaches to offer on Amazon that are feasible, and a few people get their toes wet doing things like retail arbitrage. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to assemble a steady salary, offer a quality item, and conceivably scale to a huge size, we very suggest utilizing the energy of offering items through private name and Amazon FBA.


Post Author: Mannan Arshad

Expert Amazon consultant and co-founder of a consulting agency that helps sellers launch and grow on Amazon. During my consulting career, I have launched and managed 7-figure Amazon FBA businesses of all kinds. Many of the products under my management have reached the #1 Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on Currently the lowest-priced Amazon expert on Clarity, my main goal is to help and empower people to start their own Amazon businesses. I equally enjoy advising established Amazon sellers and seeing our conversations turn into growth and results. I'm also an expert in international marketplaces, e-commerce shipping & logistics, product sourcing, ODM manufacturing, and more