What is in store for outsourcing this New Year? Read this blog post to find out more about the six trends that will influence the way outsourcing works in 2017.

Over the last couple of years, outsourcing has been constantly evolving to meet the newest industry developments and ever-changing business dynamics. Businesses today can now outsource technical support and other such BPO processes at an affordable cost, while benefiting from efficient services.

What does 2017 have in store for outsourcing? Expert analysts have predicted that 2017 will see greater developments and innovation in data security, cloud technology and social responsibility. Let’s have a closer look at the trends that will influence outsourcing this year:



Data security is now a priority
– With the development of new technologies, there is also an increase in the level of security concerns, when it comes to data. 2017 will see the emergence of SaaS (Security-as-a-Service), which will be offered by specialized BPO service providers.
Increase in automation – With the increase in demand for better efficiency, the outsourcing industry is forced to automate processes. In 2017, there will be an increase in automation and scalability, with a strong emphasis on the use of reusable platforms to offer better tech support.

Robotic process automation
– RPA will increase the efficiency and ease of BPO in 2017. This will bring about an increase in productivity at a reduced cost and with impeccable quality. Software robots will be used to replace humans for repetitive tasks. The challenge will lie in managing the balance between manual and automated tasks.

Contracts that are buyer-oriented
– The trend is shifting with contracts being buyer-oriented. Enterprises can now get contracts made with favorable commercial and legal conditions, along with the ability to scale up/down their needs.

Integrated cloud platforms 
– Cloud technology will be a trend setter in 2017, with more and more businesses moving towards the cloud. Outsourcing companies can now deliver innovative and improved services, while maximizing the efficiency and agility of business processes.

Impact outsourcing
– A new social responsibility model for business process outsourcing is expected to gain attention this year. The primary focus would be to offer quality services at a low cost. More socioeconomically disadvantaged workers will be employed in BPO centers.

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Post Author: Mannan Arshad

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