5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Website

From design to branding to functionality, designing your organizations site can be an entangled and tedious process. In addition, with it possibly costing a huge number of pounds and being at the focal point of your organizations achievement pushing ahead it’s fundamental that you settle on the correct choices all through the plan and improvement stages.

This is a result of this that we’ve laid out five things you have to consider when planning your organizations site. Each of these focuses is fundamental to planning and building up a site which accomplishes your objectives and speaks to your business fittingly online.

 Things to Consider When Designing Your Website


  1. What do you want your website to achieve?

Before you start designing and developing your businesses website you must firstly consider what you want it to achieve. Should it increase online sales? Should it result in more people calling your telephone? Ensure that the entire design and development process revolves around the outcome you want to achieve as a result of launching or redesigning your website.

At each stage of building your website your team, whether it’s your internal team or a web design agency, should take a step back. This will allow them to consider whether the functionality being built into the site resonates with your business goals. This will also avoid any last-minute realizations or changes.

  1. Does it represent your brand?

Each business has a choice of brand rules. These might be particular hues or text styles utilized all through your advertising or a brand motto. When outlining your site guarantee it takes after these rules. They may, obviously, expect adjustment to guarantee they work in an online field. Notwithstanding, guarantee that your online image mirrors your disconnected image. This will make you effectively unmistakable among clients and prospects.

  1. Is it scalable?

Ensuring your new website can grow with your business is vital. If you’re designing an e-commerce website, ensure that its design and functionality will still work effectively when you add new products. Also, as new payment methods are introduced within your business (e.g. PayPal) ensure that your website can support them.

Explore how you may want to scale your website throughout the next three years and build your website with this in mind. If you fail to consider the scalability of your new website, it may cost you dearly in the future.

  1. Can it be optimized for search engines?

A site with an absence of headings and body content will battle to be positioned profoundly when prospects look for your business on Google. Subsequently, it’s fundamental that when outlining and building up your site that you consider how well it can be enhanced for web indexes.

You should likewise guarantee that the CMS (e.g. WordPress) that you’re assembling your site on enables you to tweak the title and meta tag for each page autonomously. This is basic for powerful SEO.

  1. Does it feature clear calls to action?

Every website, whether it’s for a small business or international brand, should make it clear to the visitor what action you want them to take. Whether you’re building an e-commerce website which allows visitors to buy your products at the click of a button or a site which allows them to request a quote, clear calls to action are essential.

As a web design agency Urban Media utilise calls to action beautiful throughout their site. This ensures that their website maintains a high conversion rate and generates them a return on their investment.

A clear navigation and buttons throughout the pages are great calls to action. When designing your website ensure you utilise this inline with your business goals.

Assuming you take into account each of the 5 considerations above your website should help your business achieve its goals. Urban Media, a web design agency in the UK, have over 18 years of experience in web design and development. Discover how we could help your business by visiting our web design page.



Post Author: Mannan Arshad

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